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About to cry..


As my dad walks into his room he said “Good-night Sunshine”. I know I’m such a wuss. But I missed the way things used to be. Before everything went to shit. Before I started hating everything. I’m sorry I’m not good enough.

Don’t blame yourself for your biology. Besides, I hate to mention it, but it’s like that for most people with their parents. I get along fine with mine, but I still miss how it used to be and what.

This is definitely technically true, it’s an irrelevant point. Yeah, shit is way different. Still, emotionally the impact is the same. It’s all perspective. Whatever it is, the worst thing that every person has to deal with hurts them just as much. Say your mom had to deal with stress over who to ask to a Sadie Hawkins dance or some shit and that was the worst thing she went through. This would have the equivalent impact mentally if instead she was bullied constantly. It’s not exactly fair, but it’s reality. It’s why teens kill themselves so often, something that might have been nothing in a year or two is as bad as it gets, literally, at that point.

tl;dr: Life will always give you shit, and how strongly it effects you is relative to you.

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